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Integras Services is a company that provides a comprehensive end-to-end HR and IT assistance for your organization.

In this day and age, it is vital for businesses to make themselves stand out in order to stay ahead of their competition, ensure that operations run seamless and profitable to guarantee increase revenue while all at the same time keeping low expenses.

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While We Support your Corporate Services

Ycel Timbol - CEO

With our specialist and experts at your disposal, you will face complex HR and IT issues with confidence

We offer comprehensive HR services such as Employee engagement, Payroll and benefits administration, HR administration & management, HR audit & government compliance. With Our Company as your strategic HR partner, you can focus on developing your products, services and employees, and leave your HR concern to us.

Our IT services focuses on coaching and mentoring, IT governance and leadership training. We will make your IT people highly competent to meet the growing technological requirements of your company.

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